15 Different Types of Peace Lilies You Should Know About

If you are thinking of getting a peace lily for your home, you might be curious about the different varieties and how they differ. Peace lilies are immensely popular plants and lots of people want to own them, so let’s look at 15 different types of peace lilies! 

Peace Lily

There are many kinds of peace lilies, including: 

  • Golden Peace Lily 
  • Bongo-Bongo Peace Lily 
  • Picasso Peace Lily 
  • Peace Lily Blue Moon “The Giant” 
  • Domino Peace Lily 
  • Jessica Peace Lily 
  • Patricia Peace Lily 
  • White Stripe Peace Lily 
  • Jetty Peace Lily 
  • Silver Cupido Peace Lily 
  • Peace Lily Allison 
  • Clevelandii Peace Lily 
  • Wallisii Peace Lily 
  • Sensation Peace Lily 
  • Sebastiano Peace Lily 

You might be amazed to discover that there are so many peace lilies. They come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, so let’s learn more about them. 

1. Golden Peace Lily

Golden Peace Lilies are unusual plants with much paler leaves than most peace lilies. Their leaves are closer to acid green than to dark green, although they do still have that glossy texture that most people so closely associate with peace lilies. 

They produce creamy white flowers (although these are green to begin with) and they are highly sought after plants that need little care or attention. You can grow one of these in almost any place, and it’s popular as a means of air purification – like most other peace lilies. 

2. Bongo-Bongo Peace Lily

If you are attracted to plants with large, impressive foliage, you might love the Bongo-Bongo Peace Lily. Its leaves can grow to around 40 cm wide, and it can reach around half a meter in height, so it’s an ideal option if you want to add some greenery to your home. 

Again, its foliage has that glossy green so commonly associated with peace lilies, but it’s darker than the Golden Peace Lily’s leaves. It doesn’t need much light and will grow even in fairly shady conditions. 

3. Picasso Peace Lily 

The Picasso Peace Lily is one of the rarer options and is highly sought after. If you want one, you will probably have to talk to a specialist or purchase one online, as these don’t tend to be sold in standard nurseries or garden centers. They have amazing variegated leaves that are splashed with creamy white across the dark foliage. 

This gives them enormous appeal because it creates such a sense of contrast. The fact that they are rare only adds to their popularity. They are also a good size; they often reach around half a meter indoors, although they can grow to as much as two meters tall when they are outdoors. 

Picasso Peace Lilies are likely to be more sensitive to being grown in low light conditions, however. Because they lack chlorophyll in parts of their leaves, you may find that they grow more slowly, and you need to choose your plant’s position carefully if it is going to survive. 

4. Peace Lily Blue Moon “The Giant”

As the name suggests, it’s a particularly large specimen that can reach over a meter tall and over half a meter wide. Like most peace lilies, they flower in the summer and fall, but it’s generally the leaves that people are attracted to. They are narrow and long, dark, and very glossy. 

These plants like to be kept damp but not sodden, so be careful not to overwater them. 

5. Domino Peace Lily

If you love the shape of the standard Peace Lily, but you want variegation, the Spathiphyllum Domino is for you. It’s extremely easy to grow, but it has splashes of paler green on its glossy leaves. This creates a marbled pattern that is highly attractive and makes these plants popular. 

They are also very easy to grow and care for, and they will flower if they are in the correct conditions. They prefer bright, indirect light, especially when flowering.

6. Jessica Peace Lily

Another variegated option, the Jessica Peace Lily is highly marbled, with light green and cream patterning its darker foliage to create a beautifully painted effect. The leaves are long and thin and can reach around 20 cm, while the plant’s overall height can be around 30 cm. This makes it a good size for a house plant. 

Jessica Peace Lilies are generally easy to care for and don’t require much attention, besides watering a couple of times a week, and perhaps occasional misting. They prefer indirect light and may burn if they get too much. However, remember that variegated plants do need more light, as they lack chlorophyll and cannot photosynthesize as efficiently as other plants. 

7. Patricia Peace Lily 

If you would rather have a more compact plant, the Patricia Peace Lily may fit the bill. It has elegant leaves that are rich, luxurious green, and gently crinkled along the edges. It’s plain green with no variegation, and it will look gorgeous in any part of your house. 

The plant will stay reasonably small even when it is flowering, so you don’t need to worry about fitting it into a small space. You can even stand it on a bookcase as long as the shelves are fairly far apart. 

8. White Stripe Peace Lily

Some people aren’t keen on the glossy sheen that most peace lilies have, and if that’s true for you, you might prefer the White Stripe Peace Lily. Its leaves are more matte and, as the name suggests, they have a stunning white stripe running the length of them. 

The White Stripe looks quite different from most other peace lilies, but it’s very striking, and its foliage is rich and attractive. 

9. Jetty Peace Lily

The Jetty Peace Lily looks much like a standard peace lily, but its leaves are longer and gently crinkled, with a deep green hue. The flowers are white and creamy, and they last for a particularly long time on this variety, so it’s a great option if you appreciate the blooms. 

It’s easy to look after and prefers bright, indirect light and moderate watering. 

10. Silver Cupido Peace Lily

With leaves that look as though they have been painted using a fine brush, the Silver Cupido Peace Lily is a work of art. It has stunning foliage with pale green and white variegation on its darker leaves. It again has the classic white flowers that distinguish peace lilies, and it prefers half light and weekly watering in most situations. 

11. Peace Lily Allison

This is probably the most popular kind of peace lily, and it’s the one that people commonly think of when talking about this plant. It can reach around 24 inches tall at the most, and it’s a much-loved, low-maintenance houseplant. 

Its foliage has the distinctive, glossy sheen and ridges that people associate with peace lilies, and its hooded white flowers are attractive. It’s known for being great at purifying the air, so it makes a wonderful addition to any home. 

12. Clevelandii Peace Lily

For those who would love a particularly large peace lily, the Spathiphyllum Clevelandii may fit the bill, with leaves that can reach 45 cm long. It can get to around 90 cm tall, so it’s a perfect way to make a statement and fill a room with greenery. 

Like most peace lilies, it features creamy white flowers and yellow spathes, and it’s easy to care for. 

13. Wallisii Peace Lily

Wallisii Peace Lily

The Wallisii Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum Wallisii – has the typical appearance we are used to. It has ovate white flowers with a creamy spadix in the middle and dark green, elongated lance-shaped leaves.

14. Sensation Peace Lily

If you’re a real peace lily fanatic and you want the largest plant variety available, the Sensation may be the one for you. This amazing plant can reach around 6 feet tall in some situations, and it has huge foliage and impressively large flowers. 

This is a sure way to turn your home into an impressive jungle, and it’s also the best possible way to advertise your love for these plants loud and clear. 

15. Sebastiano Peace Lily

Another large peace lily that has impressive and glossy foliage, the Sebastiano can reach about a meter tall. It has beautiful white flowers and gently crinkled leaves, and like other peace lilies, it only needs half light and minimal care and attention. 


There are many different types of peace lilies out there. Whether you want a small, compact plant or a large, impressive specimen, you will find one that is perfect for you and for your home.