About Me

My name is Alexandre and I’m currently living in Bulgaria.

While I don’t hold deep knowledge about growing plants, I’ve developed a keen interest throughout the years, especially after becoming vegan, which pushed me to look for ways to live more in contact with nature and my own food.

And as someone who usually spent part of the year in a village with his grandparents, I’ve happened to help them tend to their garden and agricultural crops and understand what it takes to grow certain plants.

Planting Geek is a way for me to share my growth and experience as someone that is trying his best to grow plants and contribute to the natural world.

I conduct research about plants and write answers to the questions I’m curious about, and while I don’t proclaim to be an “expert”, it is a pleasure for me to learn and share everything I’m learning along the way.

With that being said, If you believe to have found information that is not up to date, or you have a question, suggestion, or wish to collaborate with me, then feel free to send me a message or  e-mail at info@plantinggeek.com