Peace Lilies: Meaning & Symbolism

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes peace lilies particularly popular and why these plants are so loved by people everywhere? Peace lilies are among the best-known houseplants and so many people want them – but what is the meaning behind these beautiful plants?

Peace lilies symbolize many different things, and it won’t surprise you that one of them is peace! They are also connected with many other positive ideas, such as longevity, beauty, virtue, healing, innocence, hope, prosperity, and more. Perhaps because of their pure and attractive appearance, the symbols associated with peace lilies are almost always positive.

Knowing what peace lilies mean is particularly helpful if you wish to give one of these plants as a gift, but it’s also lovely to understand the symbolism if you receive one, or simply because you own one and want to know more about it. Let’s look in more detail at peace lilies.

What Are Peace Lilies Associated With?

Peace Lily flowers

Like many plants, peace lilies have a wide range of associations, but they are all positive, which is somewhat unusual. The popularity that these plants enjoy seems to have given them a huge range of meanings, and they are a symbol of many different positive aspects. These include:

  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Tranquility
  • Rebirth
  • Prosperity
  • Innocence
  • Healing
  • Purity
  • Longevity
  • Sympathy
  • Beauty
  • Virtue

You can therefore send peace lilies in a wide range of situations and they will convey your thoughts and feelings. They are most commonly used when sending condolences, to remind someone that there’s hope, to send a peace offering, or to offer tranquility. Many people use these plants when they want to convey a meaning that is positive and open.

If you are going to send peace lilies to people you know, it is worth being aware of these associations and the meaning that these beautiful plants carry so you can be sure you are conveying the right message. Let’s look at these symbols in more detail.


Unsurprisingly, this is the symbol most commonly associated with the peace lily, and the one that gave the plant its name. The peace lily isn’t a true lily, but in almost all parts of the world, it is associated with a cessation of violence and a sign that war, anger, and hatred have been put aside in favor of calmness and understanding.

This may be because a peace lily’s white blooms are reminiscent of a white flag of truce, which is an international symbol. Sending a peace lily when you want to get past a feud may be a good idea.


Peace lilies are also strongly associated with hope for the future, and many people send peace lilies when they want to remind someone to look forward to something and remember that dark times will pass. Again, this symbol likely comes from the peace lily’s bright white flowers, which look hopeful and beautiful among the dark leaves.

In Feng Shui, this plant is specifically associated with boosting feelings of hopefulness, and it is thought that the plant brings positive energy to the room.


There is no doubt that peace lilies are symbols of tranquility because just looking at these plants creates a sense of calm. That may be because they are so simple in terms of their aesthetics; they are just dark green and white, with no fuss or show. The leaves and flowers are both elegant and delicate, but not over the top.

The plant seems to radiate calmness and an air of tranquility that is certainly noticeable, and is partly what has earned it its popularity. It can be placed almost anywhere and will fit in with pretty much any surroundings.


For some people, the peace lily is associated with rebirth or even the rebirth of Jesus Christ. This may be because of the way the plant blooms year after year, growing glossy foliage in between its flowers. 

If you cut your peace lily back, it will quickly recover, producing fresh leaves to replace those that have been lost – which may be another reason the plant is associated with being reborn.


It might surprise you to learn that the peace lily is also associated with prosperity, but it is. This association may be due to the lush green foliage that the plant produces in abundance, filling out to create a beautiful display of leaves. Its flowers also appear in generous quantities, blooming above the leaves in large numbers.

Peace Lily Houseplant
Peace Lily, buy or gift one through

The plant can bloom throughout the year if it is well cared for, rewarding you with fresh flowers and a wonderful aesthetic. Many people give these plants as a sign of a prosperous future, so they are great gifts for newborn babies, or for couples getting married. If you want to give a meaningful gift, peace lilies are perfect.


It’s no wonder that peace lilies are associated with innocence, given the whiteness and beauty of their flowers. Because they have such simple and pure petals, they are perfect symbols of innocence, and this is another reason that they have been associated with Jesus Christ by some Christians.

In Feng Shui, peace lilies are also connected with innocence, and they are thought to purify the home and the people who live there, cleansing their surroundings. If you feel that your home has negative energy in it, you might benefit from adding a peace lily or two, especially in parts of the home that feel particularly dark.


Peace lilies have a strong connotation with healing and recovery, as well as rebirth. If you are interested in the psychic, it is said that these plants have the right balance of energy to make you feel peace and harmony, and to help you overcome wounds. 

Some people gift peace lilies when they know someone who is recovering from an illness, as a symbol of good recovery. They are used in hospitals, and it is thought that they can speed up physical recovery by improving a patient’s mental state and giving them a mood boost.


Peace lilies are thought to purify the home physically as well as spiritually, and they have been listed by NASA as one of the best plants for detoxifying your space. They absorb toxins from the air and although the overall impact of plants is very small, it’s still nice to have them in your home. The more peace lilies you have, the greater the effect will be.


These plants are long-lived themselves and can last for over 10 years if they are well cared for. They will bloom again and again and will keep coming back even if you prune them, so they are a wonderful gift if you want to wish someone a long life.


If you know somebody who has gone through a difficult time and you don’t have the right words to tell them you hope that they are okay, you might want to use a peace lily instead. Gifting one of these symbolizes many positive things, but it’s also an expression of sympathy and understanding.

You may want to give a peace lily to someone who has recently gone through a bereavement, suffered an illness, or had some other kind of loss. Many people appreciate plants at such times, and a peace lily is a perfect option – partly because it needs minimal care, so it isn’t going to absorb time from someone who has a lot to do.

A peace lily is a constant visual reminder of your care and affection, so it’s a perfect plant to send when you want the recipient to know that you are thinking of them. 


There is nothing surprising about a peace lily representing beauty because these plants are breathtaking. Part of their charm lies in how simple they are; their leaves are glossy and attractive, but they aren’t showy or flamboyant. The same goes for their flowers, and many people appreciate the simple elegance of a peace lily.

These plants are stunners despite their understated appearance, and most people love them. A peace lily is therefore a wonderful gift if you want someone to know how beautiful you think they are, and it can also be a nice gift for the birth of an infant. Infants are both beautiful and pure, and a peace lily represents both of these things.


Peace lilies have long been associated with virtue, probably because of their unblemished white flowers. In Christianity, they are connected with the Virgin Mary and her purity, and some people also believe that they symbolize chastity.

This makes peace lilies a beautiful gift for weddings or births, and many people choose these flowers for such occasions.


As you can see, peace lilies carry a wide range of symbols, and they are connected with many positive aspects of life. If you are thinking of getting or gifting a peace lily, consider the symbolism involved before you do so, to make sure the gift is meaningful.