How Much Is A Yucca Plant?

Would you love a beautiful yucca plant for your home? These impressive-looking plants are very popular and look amazing, but are they expensive? Let’s find out!

Yucca plants are fairly expensive plants to buy. Some stores sell small plants for around $11 to $15. In some cases, they are considerably more expensive and may cost around $60 for an established plant in a nice container. A few places might charge as much as $70 to $80 for a yucca, and rare varieties might cost hundreds.

In this article, we’ll find out more about what yuccas cost, where to buy a yucca plant from, and how to grow a yucca plant from seed.

How Much Does A Yucca Plant Cost?

It won’t surprise you to learn that the price of yucca plants can vary enormously, and there’s no single price for one of these. The price is usually determined by a few different factors, including things like:

  • The variety of yucca that you buy (this is the most important factor)
  • The size of the yucca
  • The retailer you buy from
  • The kind of container that the yucca is planted in

Some kinds of yucca plants are a lot more expensive than others because some varieties are harder to grow and therefore rarer.

Retails inevitably charge more for these. For example, the spineless yucca plant could cost over $250 for a plant in a 3 gallon container. This is a big container, but it’s still a lot for a single plant.

Even a 10 inch pot will often be around $45 per plant. The Rostrata is often around $30 just for a 4 inch pot, and a larger one will be hundreds of dollars. These are considered rare plants, and even the seeds can be exceptionally expensive. Around 15 or 20 seeds will cost about $9 to $10.

If you want an Adam’s Needle yucca, you’ll probably pay around $27 for a single-gallon pot, so these are again expensive.

The variety of yucca makes a lot of difference to the cost, so make sure you are aware of this when you start comparing plant prices. Don’t grab the cheapest yucca you can find, as it may not be a particularly attractive variety.

Where Should You Buy A Yucca From?

Although you can buy yucca plants online, it is generally best to purchase a yucca from a physical store so that you can choose a healthy-looking, pretty plant. This will make it easier to ensure that you get a yucca that will survive well.

It is also worth noting that yuccas do not generally ship well. Their spiny leaves and bushiness make them challenging to package properly, and this means that online stockists may charge quite a lot more in order to mail them. Even if the plant itself is cheaper, you may find that the mailing costs are considerable.

Sometimes, you will see yucca plants sold by large retailers, but it may be best to buy from a garden center or a nursery. The yuccas at a reliable nursery should have been well cared for and will generally be strong, healthy plants. They may cost a little more than yuccas from large retailers, however, so be aware of this.

Can You Grow Yucca Plants From Seed?

Some people decide that they will grow their yucca plant from seed because these plants can be expensive. Seeds are less costly, but you should be aware that yuccas are slow-growing plants and it may be a very long time before you have anything that looks attractive, even if the seeds germinate.

You are generally better off buying a young yucca because this represents a good middle ground. It should cost less than large, mature plants, but it will be further ahead than the seeds and may have a better chance of survival. It will also take less time to become a mature plant itself.

It is possible to grow yuccas from seed, and they are generally hardy and tough plants once they have got established.

Why Are Yucca Plants Expensive?

Yucca plants are often seen as expensive because they are slow-growing and challenging to propagate. Retailers need to put a lot of time and energy into getting the young plants established, and this means that they have to charge more for the plants. The larger the yucca, the more time the retailer will have invested in it.

Almost all slow-growing plants cost more to purchase, and this price scales as the plant ages.


Yucca plants are quite pricey and may cost several hundred dollars, especially if you want a rare variety and a large size. Others are cheaper, but even one of the commonest kinds will be around $10 to $30 for a small plant, so bear this in mind when you consider purchasing one of these.