How Much Is A Lavender Plant?

Are you thinking about filling your garden with lavender plants? This aromatic herb is beautifully fresh and sweet, and it’s very popular with bees and other insects, so a lot of people are keen to grow it – but the price is important to consider.

Lavender plants will vary enormously in price, depending on the size, the variety you choose, and the retailer that you opt for. Small, common varieties of lavender could be about $7 for a 3-inch container or as much as $35 for a 1-gallon container. Some lavenders will cost $60 or more, so choose with care.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to lavender plants, so it can be challenging to compare costs. In this article, we’ll explore what things tend to affect the price of these plants, and where to buy lavender plants from.

How Much Does A Lavender Plant Cost?

The price of a lavender plant is challenging to estimate, because there are a lot of things that can affect the cost, including things like:

  • The type of lavender you have chosen
  • The size of the plant
  • The retailer
  • The kind of container the plant is in
  • Where you live and how much supply and demand there is in your area
  • How many lavender plants you buy at once

All of these things can make a difference, so it’s important to choose a lavender with care to make sure you are getting a good deal. Don’t pick up the first lavender bush that you see in a store; instead, take some time to look around at the different options. Buying a small lavender bush will give you a better deal, on the whole.

It is worth researching what kinds of lavender are likely to thrive in your area, too, as different varieties tend to do better in certain places.

For example, Spanish lavenders are more heat tolerant than some others, and also cope with humidity well. Taking the time to select your lavender with care will increase the chances of it growing well.

You may also find that you can get a better deal if you buy multiple lavender plants, rather than purchasing a single one. Some retailers sell a tray of little plug lavenders, and these will fill out fairly swiftly if they are planted in the right sort of conditions.

This amount of variables makes it tricky to choose.

Should I Buy A Set Of Lavender Bushes?

If you are trying to fill in spaces in your garden, buying a little tray of lavender plants can be a great solution. You will often get four or six plants in these trays, although you should be aware that the plants will be very small.

As long as you are prepared to wait for a while, this is the most cost-effective way to purchase lavenders. They are gorgeous plants to add to your garden, and they are very good for pollinating insects. They are also hardy plants, which don’t often get eaten by deer or rabbits, and they have amazing blooms.

A set of lavender bushes can be a great way to fill your garden with flowers, and it will be a lot cheaper than purchasing several individual plants. However, if you want a quick garden, you will need to buy larger, bigger plants.

Where Can I Buy A Lavender Plant?

These plants are generally readily available, and you should be able to purchase them from your local nursery or garden center at a reasonable price. They are less likely to be seen in supermarkets and big retailers than some plants, but you may occasionally spot them, and this can be a cheap place to purchase them from.

Some sellers do offer lavender plants online, but the shipping can be expensive, especially if you want to purchase a large plant. Make sure you have checked these costs before buying anything.

Find lavender plants online at:

Should I Buy Lavender Seeds?

If you want a really cheap way to get lots of lavender plants, purchasing the seeds may be a good option. These are often inexpensive and only cost around $5 for a packet of about 30 or 40.

You can find lavender seeds to buy online at retailers such as:

However, you should be aware that seeds can take a long time to grow, and do not always germinate easily.

For those who want a lot of lavenders at the lowest possible cost, growing them from seed can be a viable option. It can take around 3 months for the seeds to even germinate, and these plants grow quite slowly.


Lavender plants vary a lot in terms of price. You can sometimes buy sets of small plants for around $25, or a small, individual plant for about $7. Big plants will often cost considerably more and may be around $40 or $60, or sometimes even more.