How Much Do Peace Lilies Cost?

Anyone thinking of getting a peace lily for their home needs to know approximately how much it costs. Your budget will affect what size plant you can buy and where you might get it from, so it’s important to think about this.

Peace lily costs can vary enormously. A small plant might only be around $15, but larger plants can cost $100 or even more. Size is often the most important factor, but other things make a difference to the cost too – like the style of its container and where you purchase the plant.

Whether you want one for your own home or you’re buying a gift, understanding what your peace lily is likely to cost will help you figure out what size plant you can afford to purchase.

How Much Are Peace Lilies?

It’s difficult to determine how much a peace lily will cost because this depends heavily on the plant’s size. They only grow at a moderate rate, so if you want to buy a mature peace lily, you’ll pay quite a lot for it. The grower will have put a lot of time and energy into getting it established which means that the plant will cost more.

You should bear in mind that other factors also affect prices, such as your location and the demand in your area.

Peace Lilies

The retailer that you purchase the plant from can make a difference as well. However, the following guide may give you some idea of what you should expect to pay for a peace lily:

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of variation, and the size of the plant makes a big difference – but so does the stockist.

It is worth shopping around to find the best deals and selecting your plant accordingly. Also, if you buy the plant online, you may have to pay shipping fees, which will drive up the price.

In the end, it’s worth recognizing that peace lilies aren’t particularly cheap plants, and they will cost significantly more if you want a large, established one. These look beautiful, though, so it may be worth the money!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Peace Lily?

This is very dependent on the supplier, but remember that plants are not easy to ship and the supplier will take the hit if it doesn’t arrive safely – meaning that costs are often high. Again, your location will generally make a difference to the shipping costs, so bear this in mind too.

As an estimate, it will probably cost between $10 and $30 to ship a peace lily. The further you are from the supplier and the larger your plant is, the more it will be. It might even be more than $30 in some situations. Special shipping boxes are often required, which further increases the shipping prices.

Always calculate shipping costs before you decide to buy a peace lily online. Often, purchasing one in a store will be cheaper because of the shipping fees. 

Are Peace Lilies Worth It?

Everyone has different opinions on peace lilies, but these plants are unquestionably popular and very attractive. Because of their deep, dark leaves and their beautiful, calming blooms, they can fit into almost any aesthetic and they have an air of sophistication that few plants can compete with.

Peace Lily Houseplant

If you are looking for a way to make your home feel less cluttered and a little calmer, peace lilies can be a great option. They blend in nicely with the background of most rooms, but they still add a touch of nature and a sense of elegance. You will not find many other plants that can achieve this as effectively as peace lilies can.

If you aren’t sure whether to buy a peace lily, you might want to consider getting a small plant so you are only spending a little money on it. You can then watch this grow, and it will gradually fill the space you have put it in. You don’t have to shell out over $100 for a big plant if you aren’t fully committed yet.

Are There Different Kinds Of Peace Lilies?

There are multiple kinds of peace lilies, so it’s a good idea to look at the varieties and decide which you like best before you purchase one. Some types will cost a lot more than others, especially if they have desirable leaf shapes or patterns.

For example, a Picasso peace lily is likely to cost more than most other kinds because it has stunning white variegation on its leaves. Most plants with white leaves are expensive, partly because they are rare and partly because they grow more slowly than plants with fully green leaves. They lack the chlorophyll needed for quick growth.

A Picasso in a 6-inch pot costs about $195 from Plant Hawaii, which shows just how pricey these plants can get.

If you want one of the more unusual kinds of peace lily, you will probably have to purchase it online. Many stores only stock the standard varieties and those that sell more unusual ones are likely to charge a lot for them because of their rarity.


Peace lily costs vary significantly between retailers, but the bigger the plant, the more it will cost. On average, you will pay $25 or less for a peace lily that is less than 10 inches tall, and you may pay anything from $100 to $150 for a larger specimen. Consider getting a small plant and raising it yourself if the money is tight.