How Much Is An Anthurium Plant? (Complete Guide)

Anthuriums are beautiful and popular plants, but if you’re thinking of getting one for your home, one of the first things you need to think about is how much it is likely to cost you. You’ll have to choose your plant’s size and source according to your budget, so the price isn’t something you should overlook.

Anthuriums range in price, but they are often somewhat expensive plants. Just a 3 inch one could cost you around $10, or up to $30, depending on the type. A large anthurium will often be over $50, and may be as much as $100, or even more. Some people choose to grow small plants for this reason, but these will make a less bold statement in your home.

We’re going to check out the varied costs of buying an anthurium, and discuss what factors change the prices you might see. We will also look at whether you can propagate an anthurium to get a cutting from a friend or family member.

How Much Do Anthuriums Cost?

The price of an anthurium will vary depending on where you buy the plant from, what sort of container it is in, what type of plant you buy, how large it is, and a few other things.

anthurium cost

Large plants always cost more, and this is usually the biggest deciding factor when it comes to price – although the type can make a difference too.

You should check out local retailers when trying to buy one of these plants, as well as online stockists. Many people find that they can buy anthuriums more cheaply from local sellers because they don’t have to deal with shipping fees or the complexity of mailing the plant.

Prices may vary, but the below list might give you some sense of costs:

As you can see, there’s a lot of variety, and some of the online retailers will charge delivery fees on top of the cost of the plant. Most sell generic anthuriums, without stating what variety they are offering, and often simply tell you the color – but some do sell more unusual varieties, generally for significantly more money.

For example, Terrain sells the Oaxaca anthurium for $74 and the Anthurium Marie Plant for $320. The website should tell you sizes, but be aware that they won’t always have these plants in stock. However, this should give you some idea of just how much an unusual anthurium may cost. These plants are not necessarily the cheapest way to decorate your home.

What Factors Determine The Cost Of A Plant?

Quite a few different factors can affect how much an anthurium costs. Things like supply and demand will alter the price considerably; if you live somewhere with a lot of demand for anthuriums, you’re likely to find that the prices are higher. Certain seasons will also have an impact on the cost of the plant.

The type of anthurium makes a big difference too. Although some retailers don’t list what kind of anthurium you are buying, those that sell more unusual types will do so, and this can push the price up significantly.

A rare plant will invariably be more expensive than one of the common, unnamed varieties at your local store.

The anthurium’s size can have an impact too, and you will always pay more for a large, established plant than for a baby. Other factors, such as the style and material of the plant’s container, will have an effect on the price tag as well.

Can You Propagate Anthuriums?

Anthuriums are not as easy to propagate as some plants. They can’t be reproduced from leaf cuttings; you have to take a stem cutting. It is still possible to do this, but it’s a more involved process that usually needs to be done when the plant is being repotted.

You need an actual chunk of the anthurium’s stem and at least two growth nodes to successfully propagate an anthurium, so it isn’t the easiest plant to get cuttings from. It’s certainly an option for some people, but you may have to buy your plant instead.


Anthurium plants are somewhat expensive, and if you want one that’s large or if you’re after one of the rarer varieties, you may find that you’re paying a lot for it. Check out your local retailers before choosing an online stockist, as you may be able to find something cheaper, especially when you take delivery costs into account.