How Much Is A Jasmine Plant?

Are you envisioning jasmine scrambling up your walls and filling your home with a sweet and beautiful scent? A lot of people love jasmine plants, but you might be wondering how expensive they are.

On the whole, a jasmine plant will cost between $5 and $20, although the size of the plant makes a big difference to the cost. You will always pay significantly more for a jasmine that is large and well-established, and then a lot less for a small one. Where you purchase the plant can also make a difference to the cost.

Finding the perfect jasmine for your garden at the right price can be challenging, so we’ll use this article to explore that and help you choose.

How Much Do Jasmine Plants Usually Cost? 

Quite a few things can affect the price of the jasmine, and one of the most significant will be how readily available these plants are in your local area. A jasmine plant will always be a lot more expensive if you want to buy one and there is a low supply in your area.

Other things that can affect the price include:

  • Whether the plant is in a fancy pot
  • How big the plant is and how well established and aesthetically pleasing it is
  • What kind of jasmine you wish to buy
  • Where you purchase the plant

You should therefore make efforts to compare different plants and different sellers before you decide which jasmine you want to buy.

Remember to take size and quality into account, as well as cost. If your local garden center is charging $5 more than an online stockist but you can see the plants are happy and healthy, they may prove a better purchase.

Additionally, consider the kind of jasmine you want to grow in your garden. There are numerous varieties of jasmine, and picking the perfect one is an important part of the process. Some kinds, such as Stephanotis, are very pricey, although they are also beautiful and have heavenly scents.

Can You Get Jasmine Plants Cheaply?

Buying a jasmine online will often make it cheaper, although you must make sure that you are taking postage and packaging costs into account, as these can be quite high. You should also think about your local climate and the time of year so you can assess whether the jasmine is likely to survive the trip, and not get frozen en route.

If you want to buy from somewhere like Amazon, you will probably pay around $8 for a small jasmine, and as much as $20 or more for a jasmine in a 4 inch pot. Amazon doesn’t tend to stock large jasmine plants, so you will need to choose other online retailers if you want a bigger jasmine.

Some of the online stores where you can find jasmine are:

If you instead choose to buy a jasmine from a local nursery, you may do better – because it will sell varieties that are specifically suited to your local environment. This increases the chances that the plant will thrive. It can be more expensive, however, so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons and choose accordingly.

In some cases, large retailers will have jasmine plants for a small amount of money, especially if you are prepared to take a small plant. Alternatively, you may be able to get a cutting from a friend. If the friend lives locally, the plant will probably thrive in your climate, and this may be a lot cheaper – or even free.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Jasmine?

It is always a good idea to thoroughly inspect a jasmine plant when you have bought it, and look for problems, such as yellow leaves, spots, canker, or insect damage. Choose plants that are healthy and have even, green foliage (unless it is supposed to be patterned).

It is also worth noting how stocky the plant is, as spindly jasmines often do not grow very well. Since jasmines are climbing plants, you need to select plants that are strong enough to grow well and support their upper foliage.

This is one of the drawbacks of buying a jasmine online; you will not get to select your own plant. This makes it much harder to choose one that will grow well, making purchasing from a local store more appealing. If you do buy a plant online, you should still thoroughly check it for problems as soon as it arrives, so you can inform the seller if there are any.


On the whole, jasmine plants cost a fairly small amount, and will usually only be around $20 unless you want a particularly large or unusual specimen. You should check out both online stores and local retailers before you buy a jasmine to ensure you get the best price and a plant that will thrive in your garden.