How Much Are Pine Trees Worth?

Because pine trees grow quickly in height, you may wonder how much a pine tree is worth – and how much a forest of pine trees might be worth. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.

The value of a pine tree plantation will vary depending on the type of tree and the area that you are operating in. For example, it is thought that the average pine sawlog is worth around $33 per ton in southeast Texas, and $35 in northeast Texas.

Let’s find out a bit more about how much pine trees are worth and how you can get trees valued if you want to.

How Much Are Pine Trees Worth?

The value of a pine tree is dependent on several factors, including the location of the pines and the quality of the wood. When assessing the value of a pine tree, you will need to think about:

  • The age of the tree
  • The kind of tree
  • The quantity of timber that can be got from the tree
  • The diameter and height of the tree

It’s important to note that a single pine tree in a backyard is unlikely to have much, if any, value. This is due to the fact that it is not worth the time and money for a company to come and cut a single tree; they need to take down a lot more lumber to make it worthwhile.

Pine Tree Plantation

A pine tree plantation could be worth a lot of money, however, depending on the size and maturity of the plantation. If you wish to plant pines for money, you will need to do some calculations, and you may wish to seek the advice of an expert on what the best trees for the area are, as well as how they should be planted, and the advised spacing.

On average, an acre of pine trees could be worth over $2000 per harvest – but this is a very approximate measurement and will depend heavily upon the kinds of trees, their quality, and the setup. Don’t assume that the trees are worth this much without consulting an expert first, but a plantation certainly has some inherent value.

How Do You Calculate A Pine Tree’s Value?

The best way to accurately calculate the value of your pine trees is to get an expert to assess them. This will ensure you have the correct information, and will also be tailored to the current state of the market. A consulting forester may be able to help you with this information.

There isn’t a simple way to appraise a tree, because the formula will depend on too many different variables. You therefore can’t easily assess the worth of your tree or your plantation from home. If you want to work out how much your trees are worth, talk to an expert.

Are Wider Trees Worth More?

A wide tree can have more value because the wood that can be got from it is more flexible. A pine that is over 4 feet wide and 50 feet tall is often very valuable, but such trees are also rare and may not be economically viable to produce. It will take a long time for a tree to grow to this sort of height.

If you have a particularly wide pine tree, get an expert to appraise it and tell you its value. Even a backyard tree could have some value if it is wide enough to be unusual.

How Much Is A Single Large Pine Tree Worth?

Bear in mind that this depends heavily on the situation, the tree, and the part of the country that you are in, but on average, a large pine might be worth around $30. However, a company may not pay that much if they are only getting a single pine tree, rather than multiple pines.

This is because they have a cost of travel and labor, and if there are no economies of scale involved, they will not be able to make as much money.

How Much Are Pine Logs Worth?

Again, this can depend on the situation, but a log of pine may be as much as $50 or even $60 per thousand board feet of white pine. A single board foot is often worth less than 10 cents, so you need to be selling a decent amount of pine wood to get much value from it.

Low quality pine may be used for making paper or wood chips, or even used for fueling boilers and fires, while high quality pine will be used for lumber. High quality pine will always fetch a better price because it can be used for creating things like furniture, so it’s important to take quality into account when you are assessing the value of your pine plantation.

Are Pine Trees Worth Investing In?

Pine trees can be a valuable option if you have land to spare, but they take several years in order to offer any returns. Some estimates say that you could make more than a 10 percent return for the landowners, although the exact return will depend upon the quality of the site.

If you have land and you are looking to make it profitable, it’s well worth considering pines as a crop. You need to be prepared to wait for your returns, so make sure that you are able to put the money aside for a set period of time.

Many old fields are now being turned into pine plantations, and as the world starts to lean more heavily on wood and paper as alternatives to plastic, it’s likely that the value of pine trees will continue to climb.


It is not easy to assess exactly how much a pine plantation is worth, because it depends on so many different factors. Pine is a reasonably valuable asset, although a backyard pine is unlikely to be worth selling unless it offers something exceptional in terms of quality or girth. If you’re looking for an investment, pine plantations might be a great option.