Are Orchids Parasites? Or Is That A Big Misconception?

are orchids parasites

If you have ever heard about orchids growing on other plants, you might have wondered whether they are feeding on those plants and stealing from their nutrients or not. So, are orchids parasites, or is that a big misconception? Let’s find out! Many orchids do grow on other plants, but they are not usually parasitic. …

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Are Orchids Epiphytes?

are orchids epiphytes

You may have heard that orchids are epiphytes, and that might leave you wondering if all orchids are, or whether some varieties are not. It might also lead you to question how they evolved that way, and what that really involves. So, are orchids epiphytes? Most orchids are epiphytes, yes, and many of those that …

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Are Orchids Safe For Cats?

are orchids safe for cats

Anyone whose cats take an interest in the plants grown in the home will know the concern about adding new blooms, but that might leave you wondering “are orchids safe for cats?” After all, these amazing plants do look like they could be quite poisonous, with somewhat alien flowers and foliage. Fortunately, orchids are not …

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Do Orchids Rebloom? (Care Tips & What To Avoid)

do orchids rebloom

If you’re an avid grower of houseplants and you’ve got any of these beautiful blossoms in your home, you might be wondering do orchids rebloom? After all, the flowers are most of the enjoyment of these extraordinary plants, so you’re bound to want to know if they will come again after they have finished. Orchids …

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