The 23 Best Seed Companies For Home Gardening

If you are getting ready to plant your garden, you might be thinking of buying some seeds for the new season. Seeds are one of the cheapest ways to fill your garden with plants and they can be very satisfying to grow, but how do you know which company to purchase your seeds from? Let’s look at the 23 best seed companies for home gardening!

Some of the best companies include:

  • Eden Brothers
  • Burpee Seeds
  • Seed Savers Exchange
  • Pinetree Garden Seeds
  • Richters Seeds
  • High Mowing Seeds
  • Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

There are plenty of others too, and each of these companies has something special to offer to their consumers – so let’s learn a bit more about the best companies to buy your seeds from. This will give you the best possible chance of seed germination and ensure that your garden looks amazing year after year!

What Are The Top Companies To Buy Seeds From?

There are many great seed companies out there, and you can also pick up seeds in local stores, but it’s worth finding out what the best seed companies are so you can choose from their stock. A good seed company will have variety, high quality products, and sometimes even more to offer. Some of the top companies include:

  • West Coast Seeds
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds
  • Botanical Interests Seeds
  • True Leaf Market Seed Company
  • Seed Savers Exchange
  • Burpee Seeds
  • Richters Seeds
  • Hoss Garden Seeds
  • Territorial Seeds Company
  • Truelove Seeds
  • Johnny’s Seeds
  • Eden Brothers
  • Renee’s Garden Seeds
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  • Fedco Seeds
  • Park Seed Company
  • Pinetree Garden seeds
  • San Diego Seed Company
  • Seeds Now
  • MIGardener
  • Sow True Seed
  • Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

These companies offer a whole range of different benefits, and it’s well worth checking out multiple suppliers to see how well they meet your needs. Some of these suppliers specialize in one area or another, some excel when it comes to customer service, and all are great options for gardeners throughout the United States. Whatever you need, you should be able to find it!

1) West Coast Seeds

If you are planning to grow vegetables in your backyard, West Coast Seeds is your new best friend. This company produces seeds that are untreated with herbicides and pesticides, and non-GMO, so they are perfect for an organic gardener looking to get going with the spring weather. Any kitchen garden will benefit from their stock.

The company is also great for providing herb seeds and wildflower varieties, so if you want to try your hand at companion planting, these may be an ideal option. Increasing numbers of gardeners are becoming aware of the value of sprinkling flower seeds among their vegetables, so this is well worth considering if you want to grow some of your own food successfully.

2) High Mowing Organic Seeds

High Mowing’s seeds are 100 percent certified organic, and free from diseases and contamination. They are tested to check that they provide good germination rates, and they can be ordered online, with good distribution throughout the United States. The seeds are also sold in stores, so you can pop in and choose your varieties.

The catalog contains over 600 varieties of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They are certified non-GMO, and they are available for both commercial growers and home gardeners.

3) Botanical Interests Seeds

Another non-GMO supplier, Botanical Interests Seeds has more than 600 varieties on offer, with many heirloom seeds to choose from. There are also lots of certified organic options.

This company provides its seeds with a wealth of information on every packet it supplies; each has piles of tips to help any gardener – no matter how amateur or how experienced – succeed in growing the plants. This makes them an ideal company to buy from if you are just starting your gardening adventure.

4) True Leaf Market Seed Company

True Leaf Market Seeds
True Leaf Market Microgreens Seeds.

This company provides a range of seeds, including organic options, heirloom options, and Asian seeds, so they are a great choice if you want to expand your growing types and try some more unusual plants. The selection is massive, with herbs, vegetables, and flowers to choose from.

The company also sells seeds for tobacco, wheatgrass, cotton, and cover crops, so no matter what you are looking for, you should find it with them.

You can buy them online via

5) Seed Savers Exchange

For those growers who are interested in preserving biodiversity and making sure that our ecosystem flourishes, Seed Savers Exchange is a great option that has been working since 1975 to do just that. It specializes in heirloom and rare seeds that are open-pollinated.

The company encourages gardeners everywhere to grow and harvest their own seeds, share their stories, and keep planting crops. Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit and has the largest non-governmental seed bank of its kind, where thousands of seeds are being kept safe to ensure the future of our food is secure.

If you are looking for organic, heirloom seeds and you want to support a company that believes in this mission, Seed Savers Exchange is the option for you – so check them out the next time you are buying seeds.

6) Burpee Seeds

Burpee Seeds
Burpee Heritage Seed Collection.

One of the oldest US suppliers of flower and vegetable seeds, Burpee has a huge selection of seeds, so no matter what zone you live in, you should be able to find some that are suitable. You can choose from literally hundreds of seeds, including heirloom varieties, herbs, fruits, and more.

The company also sells flower seeds, so you can try your hand at companion planting, and all of the seeds are non-GMO. If you want to get your seeds online, Burpee Seeds is one of the first options that you should check.

Some of the most famous vegetable varieties out there have come from Burpee Seeds, including Iceberg Lettuce, and the company has bred some reliable natural hybrids as well.

7) Richters Seeds

Based in North America, Richters Seeds is the best friend of herbalists and those engaged with natural medicine and plant power, because it has a vast range of medical and edible herbs. No matter what kind of herb you want for your garden, you should find something suitable in their catalog.

The company can also ship potted plants, so if you want something already grown, this is a good option that will save you time. Beginner gardeners may want to try some potted plants before they start growing their own from seed, as this can be easier – but it is often a lot more expensive.

8) Hoss Garden Seeds

You may have seen Hoss’s Row By Row gardening show on Facebook or YouTube, and if not, you should check it out. It offers a huge range of information about gardening and is a perfect way to dip your toes in if you want to know more.

This company’s selection is excellent, with many reliable varieties on offer, direct from their own website. They also sell garden tools, so you can get everything you might need from this company.

9) Territorial Seed Company

The name might sound a little strange, but the Territorial Seed Company is another excellent choice for all your seed needs – it provides superb quality vegetable seeds. The special thing about these seeds is that they have a variety of maturity dates, meaning that you can always harvest something fresh from the garden, and you’ll rarely get too much of one crop.

Their seeds are untreated, non-GMO options, and they also have an online garden planner and a superb range of tips for successfully growing seeds. They have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, and are full of information that growers need in order to enjoy great success with their gardens.

You can buy them via

10) Truelove Seeds

If you want to choose a company that is backed up by a great ethos, Truelove Seeds could be the one for you. This business gives 50 percent of the sale price for each packet of seeds back to the farmer that grew those seeds, ensuring those who keep our growth system going are rewarded. The company works with over 50 small farms to make this happen.

They focus on open-pollinated, culturally important herbs, vegetables, and flowers, and they provide a selection of seeds that are threatened with extinction to try to preserve these varieties and increase their presence in the world. When you buy from them, you help to further their mission and ensure these plants survive.

11) Johnny’s Seeds

Another company with ethics at the core, Johnny’s Seeds is employee-owned and has been operating for almost 50 years. The company provides superb quality with a guarantee on its seeds, and it remains a top choice for gardeners throughout the United States.

It retails tools as well as seeds, and provides disease-resistant, highly dependable crops to farmers and homesteaders. It also provides plenty of grower’s guides and lots of information to help you get the best from your plants and maximize your chances of success. 

If you’re looking for a large company that has taken the Safe Seed Pledge, Johnny’s Seeds is one of the best options for you. Some of their seeds have links with Monsanto, but all of them have been conventionally bred and none are genetically modified. 

12) Eden Brothers

Eden Brothers Seeds
Eden Brothers Wildflower Seed Mix.

For those gardeners that are looking for rarer varieties, Eden Brothers is a great supplier to check out. It has also taken the Safe Seed Pledge and none of the seeds on offer have been genetically modified. Anyone in search of an unusual plant should check out their website.

They have over 700 kinds of herbs and vegetable seeds on offer, and options that allow you to buy in bulk. Hybrids, heirlooms, and organic seeds are all available from this company.

You can buy Eden Brothers seeds at

13) Renee’s Garden Seeds

A kitchen garden is not complete without seeds from Renee’s Garden Seeds company; it has a great range to choose from. The company produces a useful catalog each year and is becoming famous for the aesthetics of its seed packaging.

If you want to gift some seeds, Renee’s Garden Seeds is the first place you should check. The options are varied, the artwork is beautiful, and there’s a real sense of love in every packet. They have also taken the Safe Seed Pledge and sell non-GMO seeds.

Renee’s Garden Seeds are available throughout all of the US and in Canada, so they are a great choice wherever you are, and well worth looking into if you are just getting started in your garden.

14) Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

If you want rare heirloom seeds, Baker Creek is another company that you definitely need to check out. They are focused on the preservation of unusual heirloom seeds but despite this focus, they have an astonishing range of options, so you should be able to find anything you want here.

This business produces a seed catalog each year and has highly artistic packaging – making them ideal gifts if any of your friends are interested in gardening.

They have also produced books on growing your own food, so check these out if you need some more information before you get started. This is another company that has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and avoids all GMO seeds. The seeds are generally affordable and the customer service is excellent.

15) Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Nearly all of the seeds on offer from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange are open-pollinated and certified organic – but do check, as some options are not, so may not be suitable if you want a fully organic garden.

The company is a cooperative that is run by its workers, making it a good choice for those who are interested in the ethics of the businesses that they buy from, and the seeds are well priced, with generous numbers in each packet.

16) Fedco Seeds

People living in the north-east of the country may benefit from purchasing from Fedco seeds, which supplies a range of cold-hardy seeds intended for growing in the chillier areas. The selection is generous and the prices are reasonable. Fedco has also taken the Safe Seed Pledge and is one of the go-to companies for vegetables in the colder parts of the USA.

The company is interested in sustainability and choosing heirloom seeds that are already adapted to growing well in harsh environments, and many of their seeds are certified organic. They are a great choice for anyone starting to garden where the climate is cold.

17) Park Seed Company

Park Seed has been running for more than 150 years and was originally founded in 1868 in Pennsylvania. It’s one of the largest mail order gardening companies in the United States, and consequently has a huge selection of seeds to choose from.

The seeds on offer are heirloom, non-GMO, and organic, so they are great for gardeners that want to keep their gardens natural and their food free from pesticides. The company also retails a huge range of other gardening products, including tools, seed-starter materials, flowers, bulbs, and more.

Whatever you want, the Park Seed Company is likely to have it, and it has served Americans for decades, so it’s frequently equated with quality, reliability, and great customer service.

18) Pinetree Garden Seeds

This family owned business has an extraordinarily large variety of seeds on offer, with over 1300 to choose from, and low prices that are ideal if you are just getting started and you don’t want to invest enormous amounts in your garden just yet.

The business sells seeds in small quantities so you can trial vegetables and herbs and find out what you like without buying huge numbers. This company has also signed the Safe Seed Pledge and is known for its commitment to making agriculture more sustainable and eco-friendly.

If you want to grow a wide selection of different plants, Pinetree Garden Seeds is a great seller to check out and will provide you with everything you need, at a good price.

19) San Diego Seed Company

The San Diego Seed Company is run and owned by women, and it’s a company that has made a major commitment to sustainable growing. Its aim is to provide all of Southern California with seeds that are perfectly suited to growing in the particular range of climates found in this state, and this means that you are far more likely to see success from their seeds.

Every part of America has different climates and different challenges for the plants to face, and if you choose varieties that have adapted to your local area, they are more likely to thrive and produce good crops. 

This company works alongside various community gardens and non-profit organizations to maximize sustainability and improve their ability to save seeds and create healthy food systems on a local scale.

20) Seeds Now

The seeds that you can purchase from Seeds Now tick all the boxes that a conscientious gardener could want: they are non-GMO, organic, heirloom, open-pollinated, and non-hybrid, so they have a lot to offer.

The company retails a wide range of options, including herbs, medicinal plants, vegetables, and more. They also have a fantastic “Seed Bank” kit, which gives you 55 different popular vegetable crops so you can grow a whole selection of food for your family without having to choose between the varieties and decide what to grow.

The seeds are high quality and you should get great germination rates, so they are ideal for anyone who wants to make their garden productive!

21) MIGardener

You may have come across MIGardener’s amazing videos on how to grow your own food – and there are thousands of these online. If you haven’t already looked at them, make sure you check them out, because they are packed with information and the knowledge you need to have success in your garden.

The company retails a great range of different seeds, with over 750 varieties of vegetables. They also sell garden tools and fertilizer, so you can get everything you might need from them, and they are interested in connecting gardeners across the globe. They believe in a shared mission to make growing better for everyone.

The company has been running since 2011 and many of its seeds are non-GMO, organic, and heirloom.

22) Sow True Seed

Founded in 2008, Sow True Seed is another company that it’s great to support, because it works in conjunction with local schools, providing discounted seeds to their gardening efforts so that children can learn how to grow their own food. It also offers lots of programs to educate people about gardening and has set up harvest donation programs.

The company actively campaigns against GMO seeds and is run by the food activist Carol Koury. It does a lot of work with local farmers to help ensure the preservation of seeds that might otherwise have gone extinct by now.

You can purchase a wide range of seeds from the company’s website, and contribute to the preservation of seeds and the skill of gardening at the same time as enhancing your own garden.

23) Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

Another small business, Mary’s Heirloom Seeds has some good variety, although it doesn’t stock as many different options as some of the bigger seed companies. It provides customers with great products, however, and many people who are interested in gardening would also like to support little businesses.

You can purchase seeds from the website, and there are enough heirloom varieties on offer to service most garden needs – so give them a try!


As you can see, the range of amazing companies that you can buy seeds from is vast, and all of the above options have at least some organic, non-GMO seeds, with some also stocking rare heirloom varieties and open-pollinated options. Whatever you are looking for, you should be able to find it from at least one of the companies above.